Painting Aluminum Siding

aluminium siding

Considering that replacing faded or worn out aluminum siding is not a cheap project, a better option is to repaint it. The good news is that you can do it yourself. Painting aluminum siding is a pretty straightforward task. With the right tools and a bit of patience, anyone can do it. However, we cannot guarantee that the result of your work will be as good as a professional contractor’s finish. It all depends on how much attention you pay to the next steps.

Aluminum or Steel

Many people think their siding is made of aluminum when, if fact, it’s galvanized steel. There is a very big difference between painting steel and aluminum. For instance, you should not use any oil-based paint on galvanized steel. Use a magnet to determine whether your siding is steel or aluminum. If the magnet sticks to the siding, then it’s steel.


All siding must be cleaned properly before painting. Remove grime, dirt, algae and lichen that have stuck to or gown on the siding over time. The best way to handle this task is using a power washer. If you don’t have one, then consider hiring a professional painter. Preparation work is crucial to the quality of the paint job, so don’t cut corners while doing it.

I found this nice video here about how to prepare your sidings for painting

video by This Old House



Whether or not your siding needs priming depends on a series of factors. A true expert will say that it never hurts to prime a surface before applying paint on it. It provides better adherence and makes the paint last longer. However, if you decide not to use primer, then make sure your surface is at least impeccably clean.


For better results, we recommend using an airless sprayer with a .017 gun tip. You can rent such a machine from a local company. If you decide to go with the classic roller and brush method, then at least purchase a foam roller. The process itself is not different than any other painting projects. Apply paint evenly, and make sure you don’t leave uncovered areas.