Painting Textured Ceiling Guide

Textured Ceiling painting

ceilingThere is an area in your room that you usually can find problems when you start your painting project and this is the textured ceiling.

The two main problems are: First to make a clean line along the edge of the ceiling, and also getting the ceiling painted without it’s starting to flake off.

Start out by creating a straight edge by running a straight blade screwdriver right along the wall to knock off the excess texture. Just take your straight edge screwdriver and slowly run along the edge. You will knock off the little bumps and this is going to allow you to create a straight edge where the ceiling meets the wall.

How to paint ceilings in 10 minutes

Video by Hugo Correa

protect the walls

When you’ve made a clean line to protect your wall use an easy release painter’s tape. Place the tape at the edge of the walls and fix it using a putty knife. Some objects in your room could be harder to remove. In that case you need to cover them before starting to paint the ceiling.

ceiling-paintingA good idea is to use a plastic and tape to cover all of the objects in the room, but you can also cover your floors and the walls.

One of the keys is to use about  3/4″ nap paint roller. The key is to use a thick nap roller loaded up with pain. It’s really best to do what professional painting contractors do. Use a five-gallon bucket that allows you to really get the roller loaded up with plenty of paint.Start Painting applying one layer with the paint covering the entire surface of the ceiling and then let it dry, then apply another layer of the paint perpendicular to the direction of the first layer and let it dry again.

Make sure that all of the surface of the textured ceiling is covered with paint. Use a paintbrush to fix any unpainted areas.

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