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As a business owner, you want people to feel a certain way when they are in your space. You want to inspire your office employees to greatness while creating a welcoming environment for clients. In retail spaces, you want your employees to remain productive and happy and encourage customers to spend their time browsing your displays. Restaurant owners want to encourage patrons to eat up and order extra drinks and dessert, too.

We already know how much color can play a part in our psychology’s so it makes sense that business owners would want to take advantage of this for both staff morale and profit reasons.

Office Painting

Pink is a calming color and drains people of their energy and keeps them calm for 30 minutes. Once someone is calm for 30 minutes they’re likely to remain in that state. Which makes pink the perfect color for board rooms or mediation rooms.

Since green can spark creativity, this can be a popular option for office spaces. You may find your employees become more productive and are calmer. Blue can also be used to the same effect.

Retail Store Paintingoffice painting

Greens and blues are great options for retail stores, too, for the same reasons as they are in an office. Retail employees respond well to natural blues and greens, and so do customers. Not to mention the fact that happier employees results in happy customers.

Customers associate orange with value, so finding a way to incorporate orange could be helpful. This is especially wise for retailers that provide goods at a low cost.

White might be all the rage in homes, but for retailers it leads customers to distraction and puts them off their shopping game. Also, consider your target customer- the older customer prefers a relaxing hue, while a younger customer likes energetic and warm tones.

Restaurant Painting

Red has a lot of negative connotations- our teachers probably used red to grade our papers at school, red cars are more expensive to insure, and it tends to reduce analytical thinking. It’s not a great choice for offices or retailers, however, many restauranteurs choose red, because it stimulates the appetite. So, if you want to create a space that encourages your patrons to order plenty, they consider red.

You can change colors often if you like, that’s one of the great things about paint. Taking into consideration how you want your space to make people feel should guide you to a decision that is sure to stick, though. It can’t work magic, but it can definitely improve matters immediately.

Our company provides experienced painting contractors that will turn your office space, retail store, or restaurant into the productive space you truly want your business to be. Capture the essence of your business and express it by allowing our painters to bring it to life throughout the space.