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You probably can’t remember the last time you painted your home’s exterior. If you do, you’d remember just how amazing it felt to behold the finished product. Your home looked brand new and coming home from work every day was a treat, as you were met by freshly painted shutters and a new house colour. You suddenly wanted to invite everyone over so that they could see how amazing your home looked, too.

So why you should paint

exterior house paintEither way, it’s been a while and chances are… you don’t remember how long. So, how do you know it’s time for a repaint? Start by taking this handy checklist for a walk around the outside of your home.

  • Is your siding chalking or fading?
  • Is your siding discolored?
  • Are there signs of wood rot?
  • Does your front door look dull, or dirty?
  • Is there cracking, flaking, or peeling on your trim, soffits, or fascia?

If you’re answering yes to one or more of these questions, then it’s time to call in our professional painting contractors to give your home a much-needed facelift.

It’s important to call in our professionals because the scale of the job when painting your exterior is massive, and there are plenty of different materials that need a different approach.

Aluminium and vinyl exteriors

Aluminium and vinyl siding became incredibly popular in 50’s North America and it’s still prevalent in many homes today. Plenty of homeowners are desperate to restore its appearance after oxidation has caused that ugly white bleed from the aluminium. While vinyl fades to a blotchy pink after 15 years of sunlight. In addition to these issues, mildew, dirty and algae can do a real number on your home.

We have good news for you, though, because that is only skin deep. Your siding can look brand new with a clean and a repaint, which provides you with a massive saving. Painting your home will extend the life of your aluminium or vinyl siding, saving you thousands over the years.

This is What professional painters do

An aggressive wash down will remove grime and chalkiness, which is vital to the process. Doing this properly before painting is integral to the paint job being effective. Consider whether you want your downspouts, eaves, gutters and soffits repainted so that they don’t stand out like a sore thumb now that you’ve repainted the rest of the exterior. You’ll want to consider whether you’ll paint your door and garage door, too, and whether you want colours that stand out from the rest of the exterior or a look that blends in.

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Regardless of your home’s exterior material, this is a painting project that is best handled by reliable, experienced, professional painters like you find at our company. With our painting contractors, you are employing well training, highly skilled, and experienced painters who provide you with the best customer service possible.