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The great outdoors, who doesn’t love them? Whether it’s a crisp, bright morning that evolves into a sunny afternoon or one of those gray days that still feels warm and welcoming. Where would be the perfect spot to enjoy these times? The deck, of course, and homeowners of all ages agree that a deck is a desirable home feature.

It’s the perfect place to relax and entertain with family and friends. Canadians build 3 million decks a year, and it’s no surprise that it’s many homeowner’s favorite spaces in their home.

Why Paint the Deck

Wooden decks have many enemies, though. Moisture fosters mildew, mold growth and wood rot, which causes the wood to expand and contract. To prevent this from becoming a problem make sure you keep your deck free of wet leaves, standing water, and snow. Use a proper cleaner for your deck which will remove mold and mildew, and does it as soon as you spot any signs.

Changes in temperature also cause wooden decks to expand and contract, splits appear on the surface which allow moisture to enter. If you happen to live in a region with annual temperature extremes then know the degradation of your deck will be accelerated. Thus it will require more maintenance.

The UV light from the sun also degrades and fades finishes, while dying out wood fibers that lead to wood grain splitting and moisture penetrating the surface. Make sure you inspect your deck for signs that your paint or stain isn’t providing your surface with adequate element protection.

If you’re facing any of these problems, then it’s time to call in our painting professionals. We have experience in bringing your damaged deck back to its best. Every deck is different; however, we are experienced enough to handle a variety of issues. The best way to keep your deck looking great is preventative maintenance.

Time to Renovate Your Deckpainted deck

Maybe your deck is still in great condition, but you’re looking for a change. There is an abundance of coatings for you to choose from, but there is a trade-off when it comes to appearance and durability. Stains that are semi-transparent need reapplied every year or two, but they bring out the richness in your wood grain and texture. Staining will provide opaque protection to showcase texture, but not the grain, but it lasts around 2 or 3 years before a reapplication is required. When the paint is used, the texture comes through, but the grain doesn’t. However, painting your deck means less recoating than staining requires.

It’s all about personal taste and our company is happy to provide you a quote to help you make your decision with all the facts. We provide a high-quality service by providing highly trained and experienced professional painting contractors.

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