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Is a fence just a fence? Or, is it the first thing that people see as they approach your home? Is it the frame of your garden space? The answer to the last two questions is yes, which means fences aren’t just fences. They are the first impression your home makes, not only to guests but also to passersby. It can complete the look of your garden

Fence painting opens up a whole new world to the aesthetic of your home, transforming a boring but essential structure into something new. Whether you want to create a look that is natural, traditional or you want it to be vibrant- you can achieve all of these looks through painting your fence.

Choose Your Own Style

Maybe you love the silvery sheen of worn fences and want to capture that stunning, subtle look in your own space. Or, you prefer traditional stains, or maybe you’re looking for colors to provide impact, increase the look of your space, or you want to express your unique personality through your fence choices.

Whatever your style, you can capture it adequately and express it in your fence painting choices.

There are plenty of options. Opting for a dark shade of purple or blue contrasts beautifully with the different greens of your foliage. Choose colors such as magenta or raspberry to achieve the most dramatic contrast.

It Is All About the Colors

Bright colors don’t fit into your taste? That’s okay, there’s plenty of options for you. Blacks and dark browns are great for providing a stunning contract to your flowers and plants. The darker the fence the larger your garden will appear. Yet, painting it a pale shade makes the area look smaller. Essentially, the opposite of what is true for your indoor spaces. Pale colors also appear dirty sooner than a darker shade will, as the elements take over. This is especially true for fences that are close to the road.

Heritage colors are incredibly popular for outdoor spaces and are the perfect choice for fences, as well as decking, sheds, and garden furniture. If you want to create a truly unique space, consider painting each fence post a different color. It’s fun and unique and creates a vibrant finish to your living space. To read more about painting colors check out our guide.

If you’re looking for a more traditional stained look, we can do that, too. Our passion is providing you with the look that you want most.

So, whatever your look, call our painting contractors for your quote and discuss your needs today. We provide the highest quality painters, with a high level of training and experience that offer excellent customer service. We will help you find the right look for your space and create an area that everyone will want to congregate in.