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The most frustrating experience you should deal with when dealing with interior painting, is choosing the color. By choosing our company, you’re making the decision to limit your stress when it comes to redecorating.

Once you’ve made the smart decision in hiring us, you just need to decide how you want it to look.

Are you interested in multi-color rooms, or accent walls? Once upon a time every home makeover show was doing accent walls. The color pop from one wall added interest to small rooms, saving homeowners from committing to color everything. They aren’t as popular now, but that doesn’t mean they’re over.

Painting in an Open Plan Spacehome painting

The biggest challenge homeowners face with open floorplans is where to stop. With the popularity of open plan gaining momentum it seems like a great time to take advantage of strategic accent walls. Choose an interesting color that will complement the surrounding neutrals and carry it throughout the home. You can add style while unifying the space. Rather than thinking about it as an accent wall, instead consider it the accent ribbon, wrapping one portion of the home. Our painting professionals can help you decide how best to decide where the color should begin and end.

The Secret of Painting Tones

When we say accent wall, the picture that probably immediately popped into your head was that bold splash of color in a fairly muted room. The point of an accent wall, though, is contrast. So, while many people opt for neon green and hot pink, charcoal against pale gray can achieve the same effect. When we work with accent walls our objective is to create interest within the room. We can do that by playing with shadows and highlights. We can achieve subtlety by using the paint card to find the perfect accents, whether you’re going bold or keeping it subtle.  read more about colors and popular colors for 2016.

No More Mistakes With Painting and Textures

So, an accent wall can be in the traditional sense of the word, and it can be tone on tone… but it can also be texture. Many popular options include natural colored wallpapers, such as applied wood paneling and grasscloth, and even reclaimed wood boards. Using a textured wallpaper offers variety to your room, and certainly creates interest without opting for the more traditional accent walls. Before any covering can be applied to your wall, it needs to be prepared. Our company can help you with smoothing and priming the area to ensure it’s ready for covering.

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