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Once upon a time bathrooms were boring, the forgotten room that was fine as long as it was functional. Not anymore, though, now you have a full range of colors to choose from, whether your tastes are traditional, modern or minimal. With our professional painting services, you can take your bathroom to the next level.

Your bathroom can be bold and beautiful, the perfect retreat for every member of the family. There’s a lot to consider whether it’s the main bathroom, ensuite bathroom, or even the powder room that you want to ensure is picture perfect.

When you think about it, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. From getting ready in the morning, to when we really need it, long baths, and sometimes just to hide out for five minutes of peace. Your bathroom should be a comfortable space, that you feel proud to show your guests to.

It Is All About the Color

Unless you have a large bathroom space you should avoid dark colors, as it can make small spaces feel rather claustrophobic. Gray is taking over as the new white, so to achieve a classy neutral look consider opting for shades of gray. Grays that are in the same tonal range are perfect to change things up, choose a different shade the walls, cabinets and even the ceiling. Use your towels and mats to add pops of color.

Blue is also a great color for bathrooms as it always goes well with bedroom paint, because there are so many various shades. A warming blue is the perfect calming color for the small space of your bathroom, and you can add several colors in to accessorize.

Painting Colors for Your Powder Room

When you’re dealing with the powder room or an Ensuite, lights are the way to go as this is the easiest way to make a small space seem larger. Lights and brights are reflective and make the space feel more open. These light colors also help augment the natural lights effect. So, shades of cream, and soft variations of colors are the way forward for this space.

When the New Paint is Finally Dry

Once your bathroom is painted, make sure you keep it well ventilated and clean those painted surfaces regularly to avoid mold or mildew from building up. Mold can compromise your paint leading to chipping and peeling. It’s important to avoid water splashes on painted surfaces, because paint can’t tolerate large volumes of water. Therefore, you should have backsplashes installed behind the sink and bath/shower area.

There are a lot of tricky areas when it comes to painting the bathroom, which is why you should call in our professional painters to do the job for you. Additionally, our services provide you with the assurance that your bathroom was painted correctly, thus providing you with style and comfort for quite some time. Our painting contractors are extremely experienced and highly qualified.