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Maybe your floors are shot- discolored and stained with water spatters and more. Gouged from life, or previous sanding jobs. Missing pieces and holes in need of repair. It’s time to consider replacing your floors, or is it? Whether your flooring is ceramic tiling, wooden flooring, or concrete there are plenty of refacing and painting options available to you.

Painting Wooden Floors

When it comes to wood flooring there are only so many times they can stand up to the refinishing process, because there’s only so much wood you can sand away. If you have moved into a new home and you’re dealing with flooring, you may be faced with wooden flooring that has been sanded so many times there’s not much left and it just won’t survive another go-round.

The thing is, our floors put up with a lot. We track in mud, dirty, and in some cases snow. Painting your floors provides your flooring with a protective coating that stands up against the elements. It’s easy to touch up if the finish sees damage and it can create your home with a unique look.

What Colors Should you Choose

You can choose one color to run throughout the home to create a uniform look and reduce choppiness, or give each room its own feel. White flooring is incredibly popular, but if that isn’t your style, consider gray. It’s practical, reflects light well and can brighten the house up during winter. Paint surface is easy to clean, and the gray color hides dirty and shoe scuffs well.

You may not realize that painted floors were all the rage in the 1800’s. From rustic farmhouses to stone mansions, they were all rocking pale gray painted flooring. For those homes that didn’t have painted floorings, they instead covered the floor with rugs.

We should give the Victorians some credit for this trend that is back in force. Not only does painted flooring look better, but it is so practical and so effective at brightening a room. Not to mention how cost effective it can be to paint your flooring rather than replacing it.

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Be Original

Painted floors can provide any room with a stunning finish that traditional flooring just cannot compete with. It’s the perfect look for any room of your home and creates a unique feature within your home that will make decorating and accessorizing simple.

Our professional painting contractors are standing by to provide with you a quote for your floors and are a happy to discuss your needs and desires. Why wait, when our painters can make your life easier by painting your floors to make cleaning easier, provide you with durable, longer lasting floors, and a look that makes your neighbors jealous.