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Choosing your living room design can be tough, you want to balance style with functionality. Our company can help ease that pain by providing you with perfectly painted walls to create a space that your family with love spending time in.

That’s the key, isn’t it? The living room is where the family gathers to hang out, watch television, play games, and where you entertain guests, too. So, it’s important that you can strike a balance between comfort and aesthetic.

“Yes, there are a lot of decisions for you to make now that you’re redecorating, and sure, it can be overwhelming.”

What About the Colors?

When it comes to your living room you don’t need to be afraid of color. If you’re worry is, you’ll go overboard than keep it simple. Either choose neutral walls and use your furniture and accessories to inject color, or vice versa. If you want a color to match a woodwork, then you may need to rethink your original plans. Don’t worry, though, because desaturated blues work with pretty much anything and still provide you with a unique space. In the cases of open floor planning our painting professionals can advise you on how best to achieve the look you’re going for.

It’s important that you factor in the size of your room, too. If your living room is slightly small there are certainly several colors you’ll want to avoid, as darker colors make a space feel closed in. To get the best out of your living room space, speak to our painting contractors to ensure you have picked the right color.

Additionally, you should consider the lighting in the room, whether natural or artificial. If you have poor natural lighting you may want to avoid darker colors, which can leave your room feeling dreary and cold.

 Color Overwhelming

The great thing about this modern world in which we live is that not everything has to match. You can be as out there as you want, if that’s what you want. It might be easier to work with a defined color palette, which can make it easier to choose your accessories and furniture, but don’t be afraid to add some flavor. For more color ideas and info, read our guide to painting colors.

Yes, there are a lot of decisions for you to make now that you’re redecorating, and sure, it can be overwhelming. There’s no need to let it get you down, though, because our company can work with you to provide the exact look that will complement your space and your style. The most important aspect of redesigning your home is having fun, because we are just as invested as you are in creating a living room that you can welcome guests into, as well as kick back in comfort with the family. In addition, if your living room extends to the kitchen area you might want to read about kitchen painting ideas.

As professional painting contractors, we understand the importance of creating spaces that you can be proud of. That’s why you should contact us for a quote!