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Redecorating can be an expensive proposition, but of the many expenses that you will incur there is one that is the least expensive while delivering a long-lasting impact. That is, of course, fresh paint. A professional paint job can transform outdated, tired ceilings and walls and turn your rooms for blah to stunning.

What you get from a professional painting contractor such as ourselves is a guarantee. You’re hiring professionals that bring experience and skill to the table that you can’t get from a DIY job. Many people think that a quick paint job is an easy task, drop a cloth and slap on a tin or two of paint and let it dry.

It isn’t as simple as that, though, especially if you want the job to be done well, to look great, and to last.

Consider Hiring a Professional Painter

That’s why when you have a room that needs painted you should draft in the professionals. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement or the entire second floor of your home. Professionals like us exist to make your life easier.

When you’re dealing with a small space cool, pale, and natural wall colors are the best options, as they reflect light. This means your space will seem larger than it is. To finish, lightly drape windows to let the daylight in.

For spacious rooms, such as large living rooms, roomy dining rooms and spacious kitchens it can be a challenge, you might read more about room painting ideas. These areas benefit for earth tones, and colors such as burnt orange, rich red, and deep ochre, are welcoming colors ideal for accenting the area. More about colors.

painted roomWhy to Paint White

Meanwhile, decorators and architects frequently work with white décor for rooms. This is because it provides a great canvas for the creative mind. It allows you to mix and match your furnishings, as well as display amazing wall art. White is also the foolproof option for open floor planning in any climate.

Don’t forget your hallways, either, because they are oft-forgotten for an area that is subjected to plenty of wear and tear. Deck the halls with a fresh coat of paint and see what difference it can make.

Other Room Colors to Consider

Any room can be softened by painting the walls and ceiling the same color. This is especially the case for airy colors, such as pastels, soft grays, and pale blues. It causes the corners of the room to recede, making the room look more spacious.

In addition

Now that we’ve provided you with the perfect paint job, you can transform your rooms even further by changing up your wall hangings. If your hall was filled with art or family photos, take this opportunity to reassess the order in which they were on the wall and mix things up. Replace the most dated frames to make full use of your fresh paint job.
need more insight, read our guide to residential painting.

With our professional painting service your redecorating doesn’t need to cost a fortune.