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 Perhaps one of the most important decisions when it comes to interior design is the paint color of the room walls. There are so many colors to choose from, how can you be sure that you’ve chosen correctly? And, you want to make use of the full rainbow and everything in between, right?

“There are plenty of techniques our company brings to the table that can incorporate these colors into your space tastefully to bring optimum style and comfort.”

The powerful Red

What can be done with a powerful color like red? Red is a sophisticated color that adds stunning splashes of color and brings people together. There are plenty of shades of red, with muted hints or luscious hues. Red is attractive and versatile for any large living space.

The sunny Orange

The perfect addition to any room to create warmth and a feeling of sunshine. If you’re combining colors, don’t go overboard and throw in a neon orange accent wall. It’s a great choice for main hallways and front entrances because it’s such a welcoming color. This is especially true in cold climates that deal with dreary winter months.

Yellow for Happiness

Another warm, sunshiny color that fills us with feelings of happiness. It’s the perfect bedroom color for any age. There are plenty of various shades, and muted shades are perfect for spaces where you will be using colorful accessories.

Nature Green

It’s natural and brings a calming effect to the inhabitants of the room. It makes your home feel down to earth and nature. It’s the ideal color for work spaces, whether it’s a study room or a home office. It’s the perfect color to create a space for a mind focused on work or study.

The Peaceful Blue

The ultimate calming color, it’s probably the most peaceful hue you could choose. However, if you choose deep or icy blues you can leave the space feeling cold. A muted blue is ideal for the bathroom, while pastel blues are perfect for bedrooms.

Luxurious Purple

It’s luxurious and luscious, but does it have a place in the home? Absolutely. On the indigo end of the scale it’s perfect for a spare bedroom or second living room or den area. On the deeper end of the scale it adds a touch of class to any bedroom.

Common painting techniques

  • Stencilling
  • Sponging
  • Ragging
  • Frontage

There are plenty of techniques our company brings to the table that can incorporate these colors into your space tastefully to bring optimum style and comfort.

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Whether you want an accent wall to bring a pop to the room, or you’re interested in a two-tone look, or maybe you want to paint the walls and ceiling the same color to create a wide-open space. There are plenty of options available when you choose our painting contractors, and we are experienced and skilled to provide you the best service possible.

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