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It’s that time again- for your home to undergo a transformation. You’ve narrowed your choices down to several painting contractors, but how can you be sure you’ve found the best?

A company should be happy to answer these questions before you agree on a contract with them, and our company is glad to entertain these or any other issues that you might have about the process. We understand how important your home is to you, and how your peace of mind is just as important to the process as the work itself.

What materials do you use?

The quality of materials that are used can impact the result. There’s a massive difference in the qualities of paints and stains. There are specialized paints for specific applications, too. From particular materials to areas like the ceiling, roof, and fences that should use specific points. Even the calk quality can make a difference to the project, so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask to understand what materials will be used and why.

Poor contractors will try their best not to specify what types of materials will be utilized, thus opting for the cheapest available. The issue with this is that while the contractor saves money, it has an impact on the lifespan and quality of your project. So, ask what materials will be used and get it in writing.

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Are your employees trained?

 painter contractorMany painting contractors don’t consider a budget for training, but training is a vital aspect of the painting industry. The benefits of training include a reduction of mistakes, the product is consistent and high quality, the project will be completed on schedule, and accidents and mishaps are less likely.

Companies that use formal training programs have their act together. Whether they use an in-house training system, or field-training and classroom work. Trade association members can use those connections to keep their teams up to date.

Ask your contractor how they complete their training, ask how often, and if you can see a written job description the employees use. Anything that makes you feel more comfortable.

Does the proposal include references?

When a company is proud of the service that they offer are happy to provide references, whether they do so automatically or if you request them. Many contractors will include it within the proposal, some before that, regardless of when you get the references make sure to ask some questions.

How do they compile their references, how did they determine who is on the list, did they seek permission from the people on the list, and how recent are the names? You want a mix of old and new customers.

The easiest way to pull one over on a client is to provide them with a list of their friends and family. Obviously, those people will tell you amazing things about the painting contractor. You can avoid falling prey to this trick by asking specific questions about the product they had done. If they’re sketchy on the details or seem hesitant, then you have good reason to be skeptical.

Can your contractor answer these questions to your satisfaction?

Because we can. Call our company for a quote now.