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Right now, it’s all about white. 2016 is nearly over, though, and with 2017 comes a whole new range of hot colors for painting your home. Whether they’re best suited to your living room or bedroom walls, floors, accent wall, or anywhere else is entirely up to you.

The color trends that have been forecasted for 2017 include ice hues to warm and inviting tones. It’s safe to say that the colors could be split into three palette categories: comfortable, composed, and confident. Which lends more credence to the notion that our personalities inspire the paint colors we choose for our homes.

The comfortable colors embody pale pastel colors that are paint colorsperfect for introverts and small spaces. The palette for the composed look includes taupes and earthy greens and is the ideal choice for traditionalists everywhere. For confidence lime greens, dusky blues, and spicy reds that are attention catching for social and creative types.

These are shades that have already been making waves this year, that’s why we’re sure we will see plenty more of these throughout 2017.


Powder Blue is the perfect first step for people looking to make their move into the world of color. Aqua shades feel particularly sophisticated when accompanied by brass and dark wood.

If you want a super feminine, delicate look consider pastel pink. It perfectly accentuates a room with plenty of natural light.

Pale yellow can bring an energy to any room, with bright accessory pieces and shades of gray.


Dark gray takes traditional to the next level, bringing a richness to your room that creates a solid base for any accents of color that you choose for your space.

Earth green and taupe brings the calming effect of nature and are the perfect choice for bedrooms.

Pale blue-green is an amazing choice for offices and bedrooms with accessories of black and white, or other accents of blue.


Blue-Green can pack a punch with accents of orange and is an excellent color combination for a dramatic effect in any room.

Blue evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation when you choose the right shade, and a dusky blue doesn’t have to be cold. It’s a beachy shade that can highlight high ceilings and brings an ocean feel to a room flooded with natural light.

Vivid yellow is back in fashion, and whether you choose to paint one wall, every wall, or just your floor- it can brighten up any room and leave anyone feeling happier.

Whether you want to make use of these popular home painting colors or choose another, the choice is yours. Our painting company can provide you with highly skilled, trained and experienced painting contractors that will make your vision for your home a reality.