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Freshening up your home with a paint job is a necessity. Whether you choose the same colors or opt for a total change every time, our painting contractors are the perfect choice to get your home to how you want it to be.

Once you do one room, suddenly the other rooms look drab, too, so it’s a good idea to consider painting all of the rooms of your home at the same time. Or, in blocks.

Your entryways are the first impressions for new guests, they enter through foyers and hallways thus making a judgement on your home immediately. Do you want to welcome them into excitement and fun? Choose red. Do you want a welcoming entry? Greens or blues. If you’re looking to achieve happiness, opt for yellow. Candy colors of perfect for the upbeat, while browns and charcoals offer a formal look.

Choosing the Colors

Perhaps the most challenging areas are powder rooms, dressing areas, and bathrooms. They’re small but you want to achieve a feeling of contentment and inspire confidence in these areas. What color clothes do you think you look best in? People tend to dress in complementary colors, so consider replicating that within the room to inspire self-confidence.

Game rooms, dens, living rooms and areas for entertaining are the rooms that see the most action. You want these rooms to spark conversation and stimulate activity. For that reason, consider an accent wall in a bold tone. Red boosts your heart rate. If you prefer a relaxing time consider shades of gray, blue, green, and tan.

The dining room, breakfast nook, and kitchen are associated with feelings of happiness and sunshine. Yellow can provide energy and an uplifting atmosphere. While oranges and reds are frequently used by restaurants looking to stimulate the appetites of diners.

Work spaces like home gyms, laundry rooms, and the home office should be a color that will fuel your emotions. Bold colors are great, but they can overpower smaller spaces. Yellowy-greens and blue-greens increase happiness, while reds and oranges are energetic.

Greens are frequently used in study areas and bedrooms, because green is a restful color. Blue is another adequate choice as it is a calming color. If you want to create a more sophisticated look consider lilac, eggplant, or lavender and infuse accents of smoky gray and black. This will bring a chic quality to your space.

Custom Look Just for Youhome painting

Whether your space is an apartment, home, or condo, using your emotions to work for you rather than against you is the perfect way to create spaces that you will look forward to spending time in.

Our painting contractors are happy to provide you with a quote that will see you achieve your dream designs throughout your living space.